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Intellectually, watersbroken, is the proud heir of the previous irrepressible blog Labour-in-labour [http://labourinlabour.wordpress.com], the irreverent unauthorised tazebao that accompanied the Labour Party’s travailed quest for a new leader after its latest electoral defeat in March of this (2008) year. watersbroken inherits Labour-in-labour ‘s  irreverence towards ossified official party structures (and, let’s face it, structures tend to become rigid and to ossify as soon as they become official). watersbroken also inherits its predecessor’s conviction that, slowly but surely, the day draws near when the majority of even moderately intelligent and moderately creative persons in this country will think twice before identifying themselves unreservedly with the ruling Nationalist Party.



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  1. dannyattard said, on December 8, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    inspired by your yesterday’s 7th december 2009 times article

    World recession has been hitting our lives since at least 2007. That it does not carry the hallmarks of an outright depression is due to designer adrenalin pumped into its veins by governments through schemes, rescue plans and structured financial corruption.

    I believe it is now time for the left to stop pussyfooting around old bits and pieces of amorphous intellectuals, which pussyfooting may only lead to some new Frankenstein as the ‘capitalist’ system flounders.

    Instead, the left should focus on its objectives, and explore new ways how to reach these objectives rather than put up old ways as some kind of possible alternative, ways that only lead to cliff edges or smooth beaches that run into the sea.

    Socialism should seek to provide an environment that enables all with genuine and effective opportunities for personal development and ultimate fulfillment.

    Now since the so-called industrial revolution, a number of elements that lead to said objective are clearly identifiable.

    First – individual liberty and a market economy are key ingredients for humanity to provide for itself the best possible logistical circumstances; homes, means of transport, clothing, etc.

    Second – where the market does not work, technology can still provide excellent options even if the system has as yet failed to deal efficiently with monopolies.

    Government monopolies in a democracy are better than private ‘regulated’ monopolies. The profit element in private monopolies is far in excess of corruption and ineficiencies in government-run monopolies, even if these will need a structured shake-up on a regular basis.

    The above is today ‘potentially’ providing humanity, through its various nation states and cultures, the basic Maslow needs. Humanity has also developed a rudimentary culture through which its members can reach higher levels of fulfillment through art.

    Therefore, the question begs, why does a depression hit humanity at the peak of its ability to provide for itself the means for fulfillment?

    Simple. (and I repeat simple in the certainty that this statement is a cause of ridicule).

    1. Liberty democracy and the market (where natural monopolies are managed by government underpinned by clear and established technical parameters) are not part of capitalistic philosophy. Indeed they are basic ingredients of socialist paths.
    2. the worker is not just a worker but is, first and foremost a beneficiary of goods and services produced her/him in a competitive market-place

    having cleared these simple facts, we can now really address the main culprit to humanity’s woes – capitalism

    Capitalism is the earning of money through money, earning power and acquisition while not contributing to the welfare of society.

    So why recessions, and specifically this recession that is in fact a global depression?

    It is because the worker is also a consumer, and having consumed all that can be consumed, can not consume no more at the rate demanded by the capitalists, at least for a few years more.

    Under normal circumstances, this translates into an ideal situation for the worker/consumer…he/she can rest more, work less, and have time to reach its highest possible levels of fulfillment.

    Wages decrease, hours of work decrease, deflation results in a stronger purchasing power for basic needs.

    But these are all considered as woes by the present rules.

    For it to happen, a very simple measure must be implemented.

    The banking system must stop being part of the business/profit structure and must become an integral part of central banking. Banks are the real source of money supply, providing more than 95% of monies through their lending activity. Now that banks are lending less, governments are printing more but borrowers default, lose their homes, and the chain continues in its downward spiral until a new energy (tipo post war) will launch humanity into a new consumer cycle as dictated by …

    If banks become an integral part of a central anking system, workers/consumers can earn less, work less, spend more in quality time and access the artistic paths towards personal fulfillment, as both personal and corporate borrowing contracts too. This is such a natural process, that even under today’s rules, governments do exactly this through bail-outs.

    Yet today governments continue to pump money into their ailing economies in order to sustain minimum levels of forced ‘consumption’ as people lose their homes and assets… that will lead to the revival of the old order of consumption through a terrible pain barrier. Forty years ago they used to tell us that the world needed a war. Why? Because destruction means new work to be done. Today, destruction of homes etc will in due course lead to work. But do we have to do it this way?

    Is the reigning in of the banking system some kind of original idea uttered by leftist nutters?

    I can assure you that it is a solution that has been discussed for decades in the capitalist centers of London, Frankfurt etc.

    It takes humanity into a dignified existence that can realistically hope for personal fulfillment. And that is the socialist ideal.

    In the above one may see Marx and Nietzsche sleeping in the same bed. So what? It is not the path that is the ideal but the ideal itself. And now is the time for change.

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