National Council set up in Benghazi

Posted in 1 by Editor on February 27, 2011

Getting Benghazi developments right

According to the information available to us, the new political body set up yesterday (Sunday 27 February 2011) in the early afternoon  in  Benghazi:

  • is NOT A SECESSIONIST GOVERNMENT representing Eastern Libya
  • it aspires to be a NATIONAL council seeking to link up with all towns and areas in the whole of Libya that have already ousted the regime’s forces
  • to emphasise that the revolution is not the prelude to the break-up of Libya along tribal lines as alleged by the regime, the representatives of the new political forum insist that it is NOT GOVERNMENT at all 
  • it is a TRANSITIONAL body (Mustafa Mohamed Abdel Jalil, the Libyan justice minister who resigned from Gaddafy’s cabinet on Monday 21 February and who is leading the interim administration in Benghazi, says: “”It will lead for no more than three months – and then there will be fair elections and the people will choose their leader.”
  • midful that heavy handed foreign intervention could play into the hands of the regime, the Council is NOT CALLING FOR FOREIGN INTERVENTION (Hafiz Ghoga, spokesman for the new National Libyan Council, said the newly formed council was not contacting foreign governments and did not want them to intervene)



Meanwhile in Zawiyah…

the flag of the popular revolt flies in the centre of this town 30 miles from Tripoli. Zawiyah is controlled by rebels but surrounded by Ghaddafy loyalists. Zawiyah is described by The Guardian as “a metaphor for the current stalemate” in Libya.



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