Libya burns

Posted in 1 by Editor on February 22, 2011


Foreign Affairs Malta Freephone : 8 0 0 7 2 2 0 3     Email: info.mfa@gov.mt

Maltese embassy in Tripoli: VOIP (Malta Line) 2 2 0 4  2 0 9 1  –  4  

Direct Office Line: 0 0 2 1 8  2 1 3  6 0 2  4 1 5

Mobile: 0 0 2 1 8  9 1 3  6 4 0  5 6 5


Violence continues unabated

Gaddafi’s 25 second statement yesterday evening denying persistent rumours that he has already fled Libya appear to have energised protesters calling for the fall of his regime.

In the capital, pro-regime forces seem to be concentrating punitive operations – including airborne ones – on particular neighbourhoods and suburbs, with reports referring to the poor area of Fashloom, to Zawiyat al-Dahmani and, around 14 kilometres east of Tripoli, Tajura.

Meanwhile the Arab League will hold an emergency ambassadorial level meeting in Cairo today at 3 pm GMT to discuss the Libyan revolt.




International Energy Agency (IEA) chief economist Fatih Birol earlier today told the Guardian that:

The surge in oil prices caused by the Libyan crisis could derail the global economic recovery, the International Energy Agency’s chief economist warned on Tuesday.

Fatih Birol said high oil prices could weaken trade balances, add to inflation and put pressure on central banks to put up interest rates at a time when economic growth remains lacklustre in many countries, including the UK. “Oil prices are a serious risk for the global
economic recovery,” he said.

The price of oil and grains jumped again this morning amid fears that growing violence in oil-rich Libya could spill over into other oil producing countries in the region.

Brent crude oil rose nearly $2.83 to $108.57 a barrel after hitting $108.70 on Monday, the highest since the onset of the financial crisis.



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