Il-Labour spicca.

Posted in 1 by Editor on June 7, 2009





Thus spake Glenn Abela in his blog Inredden a few days ago…


“Il-Labour spicca. Id-daqqa tal-mewt ma waslitx mat-telfa elettorali tas-sena li ghaddiet, imma ma’ l-elezzjoni ta’ Joseph Muscat u l-entourage l-gdid tieghu. Kull ma fadal mill-partit huwa numru sparpaljat ta’ nies inkompetenti, minghajr ideat jew intelligenza…” 

And for those of you who belong to Joseph Muscat’s scattered band of incompetent idiots without ideas or intelligence, here is an English translation of what the wise man saith in his blog for all and none:

“Labour is finished. The death blow was not delivered with last year’s electoral defeat, but with Joseph Muscat’s election and the appointment of his new entourage. All that is left of the party is a handful of scattered individuals without ideas or intelligence.” 








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  1. LoL said, on June 7, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    On the 5th day Glen Abela dished out his piece of nonsense advice.
    On the 6th the Maltese nation opted for PL.
    On the 7th day Gonzi gave a self-redeeming press conference and fed his loyal supporters a diarrhoea of mangy excuses.

    Does Gonzi truly beliee that the Maltese are morons? Why does he persist in his shallow game of pretension and deceit, rubbing it all in not on those Nationalists who deemed it fit to hold back from voting, nor those who chose to shift away from the PN towards the PL, but on his very own faithful, dyed in the wool supporters who stood by him this election.

    The man is so self-righteous that he just fails to come to terms with the concepts of humbleness, modesty, decency.
    He has no shame.
    The man is a sham.

    On the 7th day Gonzi turned to Bla Bla Bla …………….. par idejn sodi.

  2. Jacques René Zammit said, on June 8, 2009 at 9:39 am

    Allow me a rhetorical question. Or a few rhetorical questions.

    Does the fact that the battle of core voters went Labour’s way really say anything about Labour being rejuvenated?
    Wouldn’t the abovementioned Glenn Abela have been more spot on with a delayed reptition of what some parts of the blogosphere have been saying for some time i.e. politics is dead ?
    Aren’t phrases such as LOL’s “The Maltese nation opted for PL” redolent of an endemic and growing disillusion that PL did not win by default or protest?
    Was there really anything to win other than effective representation in the European Parliament?
    If we accept that effective representation was the sangraal for this election is J’accuse correct in saying that we are a nation of losers or is he being merely provocative?

    “Does Gonzi believe that the Maltese are morons?” asks LOL.”Does he have to?” replies J’accuse.

    This has been J’accuse … pointing at naked Emperors since 2005!

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